National Environment Services L.L.C. was founded on 1999.
The company office and warehouse are located in Al Khuwair, Oman.

The principal activities of the company

Biological treatment of wastewater and solid waste
Pest control
Plant protection & pollution control
Import & export agencies
Commercial representation

Biologic – Products for wastewater and solid waste treatment

A micronutrient additive for the treatment of wastewater and solid waste and their subsequent reuse.

Epoleon – Products for deodorizer / neutralizer

Epoleon is a revolutionary and used product that neutralizes the environment, instead of masking them & is an innovative alternative to the use of masking agents to remove bad smells from garbage, wastewater, fish waste, chemicals, insecticide etc. It is a group of odour neutralizer made from fine organic chemicals and complex compounds. It is biodegradable, emulsifiable and a dissolver.

Eco-friendly pest control products

The other problem with human activity is that it creates pests which when not controlled create unclean and unhygienic environment. NES has several eco-friendly products that can control pests like roaches and rats, ants and mosquitoes. Pests and pollution are inevitable with human habitation but it also proves to be detrimental to human life and controlling them is very important.

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