Americana Cakes

Americana Cake is the undisputed regional leader in baked goods, pastries and cakes. Since the brand’s introduction in 1974, its products quickly established themselves as the preferred choice for households across Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, and were equally successful upon their market rollout in North Africa and the Levant region.

Over the years, Americana Cake has come to symbolize the generosity and hospitality typical of the Arab heritage. It is a favorite for housewives at gatherings of family and friends, thanks to its quality, richness and the delicious taste.

The Americana Cake family range is a guarantee of its freshness making the family gatherings are more enjoyable with the Americana Pound Cake and Fresh Cake variety of Vanilla, Chocolate Chips, Marble, Chocolate and Orange cake.

Americana Cake has also created a selection of snack cakes, which are soft, light and delicious for the entire family to enjoy, anytime, anywhere. The Americana Cake range includes plain or jam-filled varieties of Cupcake, Chunky and the mini Pound Cake.

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Americana Cookies

The buttery aroma and rich, unique taste of Americana Cookies as well as its availability in a variety of formats make these delicious cookies the favorite for kids, and a nice gift for adults to exchange their warm feelings on pleasant occasions.

Expressing your love and gratitude to the ones you love is utterly superb. Americana Cookies are the distinguished, delightful way for this purpose.

Americana Rolls

Americana takes great interest in individual tastes and spares no effort to steadily come up with products that appeal to all.

Americana range of Rolls is a good example of this; a variety that can please the taste of Roll-lovers, both young and adults.

Americana Rolls come in various sizes and flavors and are made with the best flour, freshest cream, finest chocolate and juiciest fruit jam.

This delicious snack is the natural choice for all occasions and especially great for picnics, school snacks, guest serving and family gatherings.

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